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I am artist of texture and color. I enjoy working with textiles, mixed media and the graphic arts. I am an avid cottage gardener with a love for pass along plants and big fluffy pink peonies and pink roses. Many of my tangible creations reflect my love of the garden and all its wonderful colors. I am not one who will settle for neutral colors as they bore me. I have been selling my creations online since 2002 beginning as a hobby and 10 years later my art is my full time passion.
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03 July 2014

Patriotic Porch

Having a little fun this week decorating my porch space for the holiday weekend. This the first time I decorated for the 4th of July, usually I just use one them and leave it up all summer, but I decided changing things up a little would be fun.
 I grabbed this old king size quilt from my linen closet, perfect fit for the teak bench I must say! I had this wonderful vintage tablecloth pillow sham that had all the right colors.

I gathered up a few coordinating treasures. I forgot I had these colorful Burpee seed mugs tucked in the back of a cupboard. I need to use these this summer, they are perfect for the season. Picked a handful of bachelor buttons (or cornflowers as the farmers here call them)

One of my favorite display pieces is this old wood flat. Fun to just tuck in what I can find. Goes well with the wispy pink baby's breath, alyssum and brachycome daisies.

I went to the back shed and found this old window that I have used in a number of places mainly the back patio or on my back fence, and thought-why not? So here it is above the bench. I had some vintage looking flag fabric in my stash and simply gathered it up to dress the window a bit.

just throwing in a close up on my up-cycled chair I did a couple years ago. The brachycome flowers are planted in a hard hat that I punched holes into for drainage.

all set to kick off my shoes and watch the fireworks from the porch!
Happy 4th of July to all my bloggie friends!

11 June 2014

It's going to rain...

well, the forecast says rain tomorrow. Not unusual for June in Oregon, but we have had a beautiful month so far So with the rain on the way I decided it was time to grab a bucket and fill it with roses for a few bouquets to enjoy while it rains the next couple of days.

 Abraham Darby, Mary Rose, Glamis Castle, Shakespeare, Eden Rose, Angel Face, Golden Showers, and carnations...there may be a mystery rose or two in there.

 I loved this bucket full of roses so much, I decided to just leave it as it was and place on the dining table. No fuss with special arrangements!

This is my monster Sally Holmes rose at her peak. She will bloom all season, but the first show is the best. And to think this was just tiny 4" seedling when I bought her......

27 May 2014

Peony indulgence!

Last weekend was a perfect opportunity to visit a local Peony Farm. Next to my favorites of fluffy pink roses is the fluffy pink peony. And I never miss a photo opportunity of beautiful flowers. Sorry, I did not take the time to write down the name of each variety, but you can visit Adelmans Peony website http://peonyparadise.com/ to see more.

Enjoy! (there's a lot of pictures, I couldn't help myself, there were too many pretties to resist)

22 May 2014

Late spring in the cottage garden

The first flowers of the cottage garden make living thru the dismal grey rainy winters of the Pacific Northwest all worth it. When I was growing up I used to hear the adults say this is "God's country" but I thought to myself that there is so many other beautiful places on this planet, why would one say that? I came to realize as I got older that the reason Oregon natives called this slice of earth "God's Country" was because of the rewards springs holds for us putting up with dismal winter months.

So here is the first tour of my cottage garden of the season. What is so unique about a cottage garden is that it never looks the same year to year with so many surprises.

When I mulched this spring I was able to get "mushroom compost" from a local Organic Mushroom farm. Very different in texture as it has a sawdust base, and the color is light brown rather than black as other compost mulches. But mushroom compost is supposed to be the ultimate for vegetable and flower gardening as well as highly regarded by landscapers as a base for sod. So that will be a later post on how well it does for me.

I no longer have any pink columbine, they have cross polinated with the yellow with this interesting combination. 

The lupines have reverted back to the non-hybrid colors and are reseeding freely like the those in the wild

This is the really "green" part of the warm season. This is the view from my house. Large fields of young wheat against the foothills of the Cascade mountains.

By August these fields will be completely gold in color


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