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30 May 2010

Our adventure in the Caribbean Day 8 & 9

I combined St. Lucia and Antiqua ports of call since I really didnt have the opportunity to take a lot of photos. Our excursion on St. Lucia took most of the day, so what we were able to see of the actual island was limited.
 I took this pic at day break just as we were puling into port at St Lucia

We took a fun ride to a private island on the same pirate ship that was used in Pirates of the Caribbean! On the beach where we docked was right next to one of the exclusive Sandals and Windjammer resorts. We were fed lunch and had a treasure hunt too.

The next day our port was Antiqua. It was a rainy (but warm of course), so we decided to hire a cabby to take us on an island tour. This guy was quite a character!

We drove over to the other side of the island, coming upon a most beautiful bay, with a bit of shopping too

Last, but not least, our driver found us the most beautiful white sand beach that was almost empty, and it was time for a cold local brew beer--do we look like we need one here?
On the way back we stopped on a hill and snapped this of the town and our ship at the port, then off to do some shopping--lots of local vendors here and some wheeling and dealing could be made!

I hope you enjoyed! Next will be the islands of St. Maartan and St. Croix....


Debbie said...

Wishing you a lovely time, on your well deserved holidays!


someplace in thyme said...

The locals are the way to go. They always know of the best places that the tourists don't. It all looks so beautiful, I know it must have been very hard to say goodbye. Char

Carriers Cozy Cottage said...

Wow Debbi, it looks like you had a wonderful vacation.

I won't show my hubby these pictures, because I am sure he would be drooling over the beaches that he would want to metal detect. LOL

fiberdoodles said...

What fun pictures! Enjoy!!

麗娟麗娟 said...

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today.......................................................

LuLu Kellogg said...

What a wonderful vacation! I am so glad you had a great time.

I am trying to catch up on Blog visits as this month has been filled with college graduations, medical school graduations, my son's wedding and now I am recovering from pneumonia in both lungs so I am a bit behind!


Nishant said...

Wishing you a lovely time,
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