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08 June 2010

My recent treasure finds

This project has a story to go with it....Before we went on our Caribbean vacation, they tore the old barn down just up the the road from us. Sitting out on the property was this old church pew that must have been inside the barn. Well as you can expect I got pretty excited and hoped no one would get to it before I did, but every time I drove by the property no one was there. My DH said he would watch too and offer them 20 bucks if he saw someone...well that day finally came...and the guy told us to take it. We wheeled it home on our hand dolly, the neighbors got a real kick out out of watching us...and one guy just shook his head...another who thought I might be a little nuts....Yes, it is chippy, but a little too chippy. This one is gonna be a lot of work. Right now I am using for my seedlings, but hope it will serve as seating on back patio.

you can click on the pics to see more details

Okay, now I am in a serious treasure hunt mode....last weekend I made myself go out to the garage sales. I really didn't think I would find too much, since the weather was iffy, and not too many sales going on. But with a short trip to the grocery store, the corner signs beckoning me where too much to resist. I was right on most accounts, lots of junk out there that did not interest me. The  last place I stopped at was poorly marked and I almost drove past it. What the heck, I stopped. Four elderly ladies sitting in the garage, it was apparently a group effort. I thought wow, this could be some good vintage stuff here. But I was wrong, just old junk. I turned away to leave and right behind me, under a table sits this little vanity bench for FIVE BUCKS. The seat is covered with vintage barkcloth fabric. I tried not to scream or show my excitement, I told the ladies I would take that bench, that I loved the pretty barkcloth on the seat. They all looked at me blank. I think they were happy I took it off their hands..and a little nuts LOL.So what you are about to see is the BEFORE pic. I plan on stripping it and painting it a soft cream color. And gently laundering that barkcloth and reusing on the seat......

I hope I will have these both finished before summer ends! I promise to show you the finished product too:)


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I LOVE that bench. I would have had fits until I got it too! And the little bench.. That barkcloth is just beautiful. It is going to be gorgeous when finished...
Up and out there early...good for you!!
I didn't find much this Saturday..but I had such a blast...I always do.

I tried and tried to find the link to your backgrounds for my friend yesterday, and couldn't. She is really so interested and excited.
I will send you her email address and perhaps you can help her when you get the chance.
I have had so many compliments on my background! I am all bursting with pride.
Thanks so much!!! I apprecite you!

(looove that bench!)


Love them both. I would love to get a church pew. Just don't have the room in my home..
Looking forward to the after pics.
Deb :)

lifespassion said...

both benches are AWESOME! The first one, not too chippy for my taste - the second one - fantastic bark cloth. I adore bark cloth - have for years. Was rummaging in my mom's basement about 10-15 years ago and she had all her old drapes (bark cloth) that she did not want anymore. Needless to say, they all live at my house now! You got some wonderful finds!

Heaven's Walk said...

What a perfect bench - chippy paint and all! I would just put a coat of poly over it and call it good! lol! Elderly friends of ours gave us a church pew from their old church. It dated back to the 1930's. It's in beautiful condition - tho I'm aching to paint it. I had a white ruffled cushion made for it and it sets sweetly in my study.

Enjoying your blog!

Hugs ~


Melody said...

All this and a Cruise?!!??!?
I am sooooo jealous. Well, I'm terrified of boat's on water..LOL, but that pew bench and vanity bench!!!!!

Greatma said...

What a great find!!!!!!!!! I found a bench several years ago, but paid much more!!!! Love the little bench too!! Love seeing what others find. :-) Antique Rose

La Bella Vie said...

OH please come by La Bella Vie to see our DYI project were doing, believe me if I/we can get it done m=by summers end, we'll be lucky!


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