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01 June 2010

Our adventure in the Caribbean Day 10&11

Okay, continuing on to our next ports of call...St. Maartin was on day 10. .St. Maartin is divided into 2 parts. The Dutch side is St. Maartin and the French side is St. Martin. The French side is known for its "clothing optional" beaches! We decided to just do a beach and shopping day since you could do both without having to get into a cab, so we didn't see that beach!
 The day we docked, there were three ships total and we were told there was about 6000+ visitors to the island that day!

We were able to eat lunch directly across from the beach and even got some local beer here too

After soaking the sun, it was time to shop. Even to we were told this was the best shopping, it was mostly expensive jewelry and high end clothing. Not too much local art, which is what I look for. The interesting part is they have 2 shopping streets--Front Street and Back Street...

Now on to St Croix Day 11 of our Caribbean Adventure. This is the island where you really see the American influence, since it is a US Virgin Island. By American influence, I mean a K-Mart store and lots of the same fast food places. They still drive on the "other side" of the road, but the cars have the steering wheel on the left just like the US. On this island we decide to do an "old folks" tour...a botanical garden, a historical sugar cane and rum making plantation, and a current working Rum factory.

I love this tropical cottage! It was at the historical W.H.I.M plantation

inside the plantation owners house

the old windmill on the plantation

a cactus garden on a tropical island? It is because this is the dry side of the island-gets very little rain

Last stop was a Rum factory..and they treated all of us to free Pina Coladas--as much as we could drink until the bus picked us up! Did I mention the rum was good on every island we have visited???

I hoped you enjoyed!! My next post will be a wrap up of our cruise and our day in San Juan, Puerto Rico


Shirley said...

Your vacation sounds so enjoyable and relaxing. The scenery makes you wish that you are there. I would love some sunshine after the storm that we had last night. The temperatures have been up and down so it makes the right fuel for the severe storms. Have a wonderful day.

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Ohhh what fun ! Wonderful photos too, thanks for sharing.
We lived in Puerto Rico when I was a child. Would love to see how it's changed.

Nishant said...

The scenery makes you wish that you are there.
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