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19 August 2010

It is quite spectacular....

Burning the Grass seed fields....quite common place where I live. DEQ closely regulates this practice of sterilizing the soil. Each year less acreage is allowed to be burned. The farmers are challenged to come up with alternatives. I must say that I was appalled by this practice when we first moved to this beautiful rolling hills area. But, I must say, watching it up close is amazing. And this close, we never had any smoke come anywhere near us. That is because the atmospheric conditions have to be just right, the the smoke rises straight up. These are pics looking from my front porch. It is just amazing to watch, I wasn't the only one snapping pics. These guys that burn the fields are experts at controlling these burns.

click on the pics to see more detail....

almost over within 15 minutes

Looking the other direction, another burn in the hills...


Melody said...

Hi Debbi! Sorry I hadn't been by for a while, but I think we're in the same club..except I don't have the kids...yet...I know we're 50, but never say never...we're gluttons for punishment ;)
Spectacular photos. I can't beleive the DEQ is stopping the burns.....some of thoses grasses oils actually can combust all by themselves. Even tho it's scary do it the natural way..keep a fire break for the houses....I guess they'll just put more chemicals in the soil.
The middle of Ohio actually has..or had...priarie. Some lands are being reverted back and we have those burns too. Well, they realized they had too....the ground would just catch fire in the sun. Farms are realizing that they get better yeilds with fallow fields for a few years and alternate areas. Some have gone so far as to market native Ohio plants....weeds as my Dad calls em.
Well, I better se goin and get basck to work. Type ya later:D

Cherry Chick said...

OMG! That just scary! I don't think I would want to be those people in the buildings that were close by. Yikes!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

yep...I had never heard of this practice either but wondering if I should do it to my front yard...it's a mess! I think though it maybe needs the huge magnolia cut down that robs the soil of all it's nutrients that everything else needs. Ha!. One guy told me that to cut down our magnolia would be "unamerican". Anyway...I did have "neighbor" burn his fields. And it was amazing to watch. Have a wonderful weekend Deb

littlethings1 said...

Saw the photos & had to check them out even more ! Amazing ! I grew up on a farm , it is sad to me to see farmers wanting to use chemicals , the natural way is so much better !
Great photos !! Your house ( pic's in the next post) is adorable !
The Little Things

韋陳富 said...

文章雖然普通,但意義卻很大~~^^~~ ..................................................

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Spectacular!! Isn't that what the Park services have determined - burning the land is the best way of clearing, renewing, preserving?? Oh well - I guess they'll figure it out eventually!

Debbie said...

Wow! looks awful close to those buildings! Your photos are amazing!
Love your blog.

建枫 said...


Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Yep I watch this too since we are neighbors!


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