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13 September 2010

time for reflection..literally

A short trip in the motorhome this weekend offered a wonderful rest, relax and regroup  for me. I schedule these short excursions months in advance just so we will actually go. If they are not planned and reserved we will find a reason not to go. So for the second time this summer we lucked out with awesome weather for our mini getaway. So up the canyon we headed to Detroit lake, located on the western slopes of the Cascade mountains in Oregon. No TV and no internet service, a nice get away from it all.

click on the pics to see full size
The first morning I walked down to the edge of the water...amazed at how calm it was. Now when I was younger and was really into waterskiing, this smooth water was a skiier's dream. Didn't matter too much how cold the water or the air was, this was the ultimate scenario for me. We sold our boat a few years ago when the kids grew up and we started having to force ourselves to ski....but this scene made me think..hummm I think I could enjoy a ski at the moment....okay snapping back to reality, I took sometime to just simply watch nature here. The crowds are gone after labor day, so I could immerse myself in thought and reflection.

I watched with wonder this flock of Canadian Geese as they meandered down to the water for a bath I am assuming. I had never seen this ritual, but they almost went into a frenzy, then they all went under water at the same time time for about 5-10 seconds, then all popped up the same time. Then they took turns rolling over on their backs flopping their wings. After 15 minutes or so, they paraded back up to the shore. Interesting....

Later in the day my daughter and son in law showed up with my 2 sweet little granddaughters, and of course nana had to take some photos. They stayed for a lovely BBQ of juicy burgers on a perfect evening!



The next day we returned home, and of course I had a ton of email to take care of, but I am recharged and so glad I got to rest!


Sharon Wengel said...

What a nice trip !
Your granddaughters are precious !

From The Heart said...

The scenery is beautiful! And the children...even more so! I love your blog.

Linens Lace and Lattes said...

How relaxing it was this morning to listen to your blog music and stare into your beautiful pictures. Thanks for putting 'calm' into my morning!
Have a good day.

Hope Filled Living said...

This is so beautiful and serene. The water already looks cold! I love being by the water...and it is always nice at our cottage after the frenzy of summer tourists have long gone home and things are quiet again and I feel at one with nature.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Hi Debbie - thank you for the beautiful photos today. The water looks so calming and restful. I hope that your getaway soothed your soul!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Bunny said...

Sooo beautiful!!! Glad you recharged & relished in the moment for a bit. The girls are beautiful!! XOXO

papel1 said...

Yes I am enjoying the mnagazines. Check out my blog and be sure and scroll down to see a few travel pictures of mine, we RV too and spent a week exploring mostly Nevada and Idaho.
Judy (of Mariposa)

Deb said...

Debbi, your granddaughters are adorable and your trip sounds wonderful. I love the water, Oceans, lakes, streams, love them all.

Stella said...

I love nothing more than being at the lake after all the crowds are gone.

Lovely granddaughter! Nothing better than being a grandmother.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Debbi, glad you "scheduled" that trip. Looks like heaven. I love to see the geese on the lake and flying overhead in their V. They have been around here so much I can almost recognize what their various calls mean. Have a happy week. xox Lynn


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