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27 November 2010

Sharing Christmas Art

click on pic to enlarge

Every Christmas season at my church the artisan group I belong to is asked to display some holiday art. I usually submit something I have stitched up, but this year I decided to do some a bit different. With a 25 cent frame I picked up last summer at a tag sale, vintage sheet music, printed copies of vintage greeting cards, vintage lace, glitter, crystal and pearlized beads in a pile....I came up with this lovely wall display! It felt good to do something a bit outside the box. Most of the church members will have no idea I made it since they will expect soft art from me! Opinions and critiques please...I am just a beginner when it comes to mixed media art:)


Sharon Wengel said...

It turned out lovely !

Suzann said...

It is so sweet I love it!!!

From The Heart said...

That is just beautiful! I love it!

shirley said...

It looks awesome..
I truly love it..
Shirley (& Cupid)..

Debbie said...

That is seriously AWESOMENESS!!~ I said it like my teenage boy would! Truly you did a great job. Thanks for entering in the giveaway...GOOD LUCK.

Carriers Cozy Cottage said...

Oh wow Debbi, that is lovely!


Heaven's Walk - said...

Oh my goodness, Debbi! That is seriously beautiful! Just think....your mixed media art talent is just beginning! lol!

xoxo laurie

Alissa said...

I saw it in real life and it looked very nice! :o)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

First of all, you know full well that I am a FAN of yours and think anything you do is gorgeous. That is why my blog dress is in your hands. It is a beautiful piece. Anyone with eyes can see it is gorgeous!
OH to have such talent! :)


It's very nice!!! It looks very vintage which I so love! What a great idea!
deb :)

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Very lovely !

Melody said...

Oh Debbi, It turned out beautifully. I love mixed media art. Have you checked out the Two Crazy Crafters blog on my side bar..they are an inspiration!

artistamyjo said...

Debbi, this is so beautiful...looks like a family heirloom. Hugs

milka said...

Oh Debbi, this wall art is so sweet! Love it!!


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