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18 December 2010

A favorite at Christmas

I had to send this recipe to my daughter this morning, so thought I would share it here too. I got this recipe from Woman's Day Magazine December 1992~ I have also seen this variations of this recipe called Buckeyes too. This one is the closest to the Reeses candy I have tasted! Love it for the holidays with sprinkles too!

Peanut butter balls

2 cups powdered sugar
2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon milk
2 teaspoons granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup (6 oz.) semisweet chocolate chips
1 tablespoon shortening

mix powdered sugar, butter, milk granulated sugar and vanilla until blended. Mix in peanut butter. Line pan with wax paper Roll heaping teaspoons full into 3/4" balls, place on pan and refrigerate at least 2 hours.
Melt chocolate and shortening in a small glass bowl at 1/2 power in microwave for 30 seconds, a little more if needed. You can do in a small saucepan on stove too. Just be careful not to get it too hot, the chips just need to be melted.
One at a time with a toothpick, dip balls in chocolate, let excess drip off . return to pan and before chocolate sets sprinkle balls if desired. Store in airtight container in refrigerator up to 2 weeks


Alissa said...

In the middle of making them now. They are chilling in the fridge, about 45 minutes in. I must say, I prefer my peanut butter balls fully covered in chocolate. YUM! :-D

Talking about these yummy balls reminds me of a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit. LOL

artistamyjo said...

I made these and they are just wonderful,thank you for sharing.
Merry Christmas & hugs

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

oh my, my Sweetie would LOVB these.
thank you for sharing the recipe!
Wishing you a very blessed and joyful Christmas. (())

Anonymous said...

50 breads and 2 batches of carmel corn= all I am having time for I think! These look fabulous though!

Loved touring your wonderful home too!!

Have a blessed Christmas!

bee blessed


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