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03 February 2011

My Day Job Versus My Passion

How would you answer the question
"My Day Job Versus My Passion"? Pretty easy for me. My day job would gone, nada, history, good riddons of bad rubbish. But the funny thing is that I do like the work I do in the day job, just not the company I work for. I would like not to have to get up each morning and get ready for work. Rather just sit in my jammies and create until noon. Or on a warm bright sunny summer morning, toss on a pair of shorts and head out to the garden to pick a bouquet of pink roses and baby breath. Linger over a cup of coffee on the porch, a glass of wine with a friend at an outdoor cafe....I would immerse myself in my art, spend countless hours tending to my cottage garden, vacationing in the tropics... ahhhhh

But for the meantime, I have to enjoy those passions in little snippets. the day job has to stay for right now since it affords the health insurance for myself and my retired husband~well he is officially a retired Police officer, but still works temp jobs here and there to pick up a little "mad cash" as we call it. 

 the dream is still there.....just waiting for the right time for it to happen....have a wonderful day my friends:)


PoetessWug said...

My day job "IS" my passion! I crochet items for my etsy shop, blog, tweet, and talk on Facebook!! Can it get any better than this?!...YES! I could be free of health issues! I guess I can't have everything! ^_^

Mic said...

OMG! I can so relate to this subject. I have the exact same feelings and I love my day job but it is not my passion. If I could, I would create all day long. That would be bliss!

Kristin M. said...

I know exactly what you mean. (Unfortunately, I think a lot of people do).

I love your wallpaper on your site, by the way. It's so bright and cheerful!


Heaven's Walk - said...

Hi Debbi ~ I feel very very blessed to be a stay-at-home wife. I worked in a school system for 21 years, got burned out and got a job at a landscape company for 10 years, then lost it due to the economy. I haven't worked in 3 years, and am loving each and every day I can stay here at home and putz around. My winters are full of crafting and blogging (!) while summers are spent out in my flower garden and our veggie garden. God is good! :)

xoxo laurie

Shirley said...

Dear Debbi,
I'm counting..156 weeks to go and I'm staying in my P.J.'s, enjoying my coffee and doing whatever I feel like..I'm so creative in the a.m. after noon I need a nap..
Enjoy your passions as often as you can!

Char said...

Oh Debbi, I think I may be living your dream......like anything else, it can get old too. There are days when I just can't get it together to do much of anything.....HA. I think we have all been there. I have no doubt sometime in the future, your dream will be a reality. You do manage to get both jobs done and very well at that. Happy Birthday girlfriend, Char

Graceful Rose said...

Debbi, I can so relate to your post, I work at home but it is an 8 hour job and I used to be able to get things done in my off time but as time went on my husband's work out of town slowed down so he opened up an auction and it takes so much extra time and when I am actually doing things for the auction, I find that my dear sweet hubby comes in the house often just because I am here and when I'm off work he wants to go do things and boy I sure miss my days when I had time to create. I am hoping when I get in my new studio that he built for me that I can organize myself better and have at least one day a week when I can create more. my friend who lost her husband said to me, be thankful that he is still here so I am, I can always create later time together is so important. Besides I love the auction too and going to other auctions finding all sorts of goodies that I can work on. So like you, I am counting the days to retirement, not sure how many that will be but hopefully soon.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Debbi...it's going to happen. It happened to me and I never thought it would. The is here..and it came 9 years ago at age 65. I worked four years after my husbands death and then retired. Completely.
I don't like to HAVE to be anywhere..
Finally...I can do exactly as you wrote about. Cup of coffee, sitting in the lawn swing...and I think I am going back to painting...I miss it. Constantly fluffing the pillow of my home...and it's wonderful.
Believe me..it will happen to you!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh Debbi, Your day is coming...I promise. In the meantime keep creating your gorgeous creations. Thought of you the other day as I was plundering in a box of old linens. Haven't met anyone else yet that would get down on the floor with me looking for treasure. :) The comment you left on my blog was priceless. xoxoxo Lynn

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies said...

Hi Debbi, I know how you feel and I was thrown out into the work force after I lost my Husband with 4 children, but I did love my job, however I missed being at home and creating and now I retired and have the time but I think I spend more time learning how to navigate this computer than creating, but I need to be able to do one before the other. I gave you a heads up on my blog for the lovely postcards you offered for Valentine's Day as one was just perfect for my message. You are an inspiration and more to me, you are a wonderful bloggy creative friend I have found. Hugs and thank you for you Valentine post. Marilou xoxo

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Oh Debbi, I wish it for you too ! and I wish the energy and funds to do all the things you desire.


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