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28 September 2011

Cottage colors Party ~BROWN~

Welcome to my submission for the Cottage Colors Party at 

I am sliding in a couple days late...this is not a color I own much vintage in around the house. I do have lots of brown, just not vintage....so I am turning to my graphics collection. These are some of my faves that I have picked up thru the years by scanning old photos or paper. Some are from surfing the blogs for freebie ephemera. With that being said, you are also free to save these for your own use too:)


Nancy said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. The music is lovely, too.

Anonymous said...

Love the little girl in red for Thanksgiving!! They are all lovely...

Danice said...

Great blog, Debbie. I am now following both of your blogs. My Abigail's Frocks has also joined the September Colors Party :)

Judy said...

I love all the images you shared! Thanks! I plan to use a couple of them. Funny, I love cottage style but I have very little of it in my house. My antique booth in a local mall is my "play room" for cottage style and shabby chic. I love it just like I love my rustic, western cottage look in my home.

Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

All wonderful images!!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Hi, Debbi! Yeah, finding vintage brown in my house would not be easy unless old 70s paneling full of holes counts as vintage brown? Hee-hee! No wait, that was my LAST house and I am soooo glad it's not this one!

My mom had a brown couch and when I first married, I remember I had a brown garbage can and brown throw rugs. We just loved that earthy stuff- right? ♥

Dragonfly Treasure said...

I love seeing old vintage images. Thanks so much for sharing!

You thought you were sliding in a couple days late?...I'm bringing up the rear! LOL
I don't have much brown either... anymore anyway...that was the '70's! LOL

romance-of-roses said...

Thank you for the freebies, they are all lovely. Hugs...Lu


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