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22 September 2013

And we almost stayed home....

Last week I took you with us on our mountain adventure east and this week I am taking you west to the Pacific coast. The one thing about living in western Oregon is that you are never too far from the mountains or the beach.

Yep, we had the dates set aside for the family beach house since last spring. But the weather forecast was not promising at all. Rain. And lots of it. But we decided to go anyway. We brought several movies to watch and figured we would hunker down and just enjoy being away from it all. When we arrived Sunday evening it was cloudy with a heavy mist. We hit our favorite restaurant in Newport, The Chowder Bowl for fresh seafood and of course the clam chowder. We settled in for the night, and the next morning woke to drizzle. By mid morning the clouds broke and out came the sun, And by one o'clock the weather was so fabulous, I was planning a beach hike for us.
This is an easy 2 mile trail that winds just above the beach.

We didn't see any seal pups today, but they are quite common on the beach here

We pretty much had the trail to ourselves...

The above is one of my favorite scenes...the trees show the force of the wind that mother nature doles out on the coast line in winter.
until next time...lots more trails to discover!

Today is rainy and windy, how appropriate for western Oregon on the first day of fall.The forecast is that late this week we get maybe one more peek at the sun with some warm weather before the eternal rainy season sets in. And maybe one more chance for an outdoor adventure?


Stephanie said...

What a lovely time to be out and about :) Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs!

Primroses Attic said...

The coastline looks beautiful.
What a wonderful walk.

Betty W said...

What a beautiful trip to go on. I love the sea.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Debbi,
Your trip on the coastline looks like the perfect place to be for the first day of Autumn. Love your pics and the views are awesome.

Thank you for stopping by and your vote.

Kathy said...

The picture with the ocean in the background, and the split rail type fence, reminds me of an old black and white movie...Wuthering Heights...or...Suspicion...or...maybe Lassie Come Home...I love it!!!!! I hope one day to be able to visit!!!


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