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02 July 2015

Front porch sitting Patriotic style

A little patriotic decorating this week for the front porch! I do this every year, but try to add a little twist. I came across this little freedom sign, nothing unique about it other than I liked the aged country farm coloring.

 I drug out my old king size quilt, the colors work really for all summer, but I like it for the 4th. The easy no-sew pillow covers are just fabric wrapped like a gift and safety pinned. Makes the fabric easy to store and I can use the pillow forms for something else.
 Love to have lots of red flowers! I planted this pot with the 4th in mind although the little daisies are not happy in this brutal heat we have been having :( An attack of bud worm has set back my petunias, so the blooms are sparse.

 Above is my shutter "flag" project I worked on last month. I saw a version on pinterest and thought it was an awesome re-purpose of old shutters. I have had a thing for old shutters lately--lots of cool ideas out there!

 I didn't get a real good picture, but I found this cute hypertufa watering can planter at a garage sale to add to my watering can collection.

Below is the evening view from our front porch. Panorama pics didn't work too well. We have farmland on two sides, and some nice Cascade foot hills and mountain views. In the first picture (hard to see) there is a peek at Mt. Jefferson. Not too much snow left on it.


 Watch for a tutorial on this shutter "flag" and other shutter re-purpose fun later this month

Let Freedom ring!
Happy 4th of July!


Kathy said...

I adore that shutter flag and your cozy spot to sit - if you can take the heat to be outside. I am SO ready for a day of 70 and rain!!

krishna said...

beautiful 4th july decorations.. I missed it..as i came to see my own after a long time.. :)

Kathy said...

That is a lovely porch. So inviting. I can just picture myself sitting there drinking some iced tea and looking at that beautiful scenery.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Debbi, I'm so sorry I missed this post. Your porch is the coziest I've seen. I love everything about it..the quilt..the flowers and of course that wonderful shutter. I've been looking for some but they are so very scarce. I haven't given up. The idea of painting them in our flag colors is the cutest idea I've seen. And you don't even have to tear anything up..etc. I want one of those.. now I'm inspired to search again.
I see you have not posted in a long time. I do the same thing. Weeks go by.. it just seems to be very time consuming...
Have a wonderful weekend, coming up.


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